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Our story

In 2019 Frans and Rick joined forces to make Scriptix the go-to partner in speech to text customization techniques. They shared the vision of empowering clients to build their own speech to text models. Having built speech to text models in 10 languages at an earlier stage, it was now time for a real challenge.

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to speech recognition and in various languages. However, the Scriptix team didn’t find a workable solution which helps end customers with speech to text models that are customized to fit their needs. Current language models score a high accuracy, but the real challenge lies in making sure those models can be trained based on customer data.

As opposed to other vendors out there where additional customer data is added to language models, Scriptix builds customized models for end customers themselves. The first customized model based on client data alone – so not a big heap of data put together – was the model for Dutch Politics, built for our partner Arbor Media. The results were beyond expectation and the vision of the team was confirmed.

Ready to build your own customized language model? Or curious if our existing models are suitable to transcribe your content? Get in touch.

Management Team

Our team consists of young people with an innovative mindset. We think that technology will change the way we live, work and think and we’re always looking for ways to turn innovation into value for our customers.

Headshot of our CEO, Frans

Frans Olsthoorn - CEO

From the moment we (Rick and I) founded Scriptix I realized being an entrepreneur is in my DNA. I love the feeling of creating and building a company. I always think about my grandfather who ventured to Sweden after WW II. Since the country had remained officially neutral throughout the war he thought there should have been interesting developments going on there as well. He came back with the idea of a buffet restaurant, something that existed in Sweden but not in the Netherlands. As such he opened the very first buffet restaurant in The Netherlands. He wasn’t in tech like his grandson is now but, thinking out-of-the-box like that and being innovative is what I try to bring to the table at Scriptix every day.

As the CEO of Scriptix I work closely with our partners and oversee all the company’s operations, making sure we deliver the best possible services and retain a close and fruitful relationship with our partners. To that end I work closely with both our development and commercial teams to make sure Scriptix products and brand remain on top in our field of Automated Speech Recognition.

Headshot of our CTO, Rick

Rick Voormolen - CTO

Ever since writing my first lines of code as a kid, it was obvious that I would do something with technology. As I was always technically strong and interested in the other side of IT. As such I started studying business IT. This combination, technology and business, made it of course a no brainer to start my own business. And after meeting Frans in 2018 this resulted, after a road trip to Seattle we’ve founded Scriptix.

My career took me so far through many different companies, from small (startups) to very big (multinational and banks). This enabled me to learn many different aspects of IT and business, but also grow as a person and human. Before joining Scriptix I was employed by the biggest managed services provider in the Netherlands before joining a leading security firm. All my positions and experiences so far focused on scalable and secure platforms which all had special requirements, for example high security, lots of traffic or building an exact copy of a bank’s infrastructure. With Scriptix I have found my perfect outlet for my ambition. Building an industry leading company by using modern technologies and tools and building which meanwhile tries to make the world more inclusive and open.

Headshot of our Head of Sales, Monika

Monika Valkauskaite-Holland - Head of Sales

If anyone had told me 20 years ago, I would be working in tech sales and be darn good at it, I would have laughed. At the age of 27 I was a General Manager of a 5* boutique hotel in Italy. Soon after, I ventured to the US to learn how the Americans run their hotels. I fell in love with the way Americans do sales instead and embraced this as my new passion. Years later I am back in Europe with sales at the forefront of my career and no longer in hospitality but technology which had always fascinated me.

My biggest fear? Become average. Sales and Tech are the two constantly evolving areas where changes happen all the time. Having a growth mindset allows me to stay on top of my professional game and serve companies aiming to scale. The future is now and being part of that progress is what fuels me every day. It is also the main reason why I chose to join the Scriptix team who are driving innovation in the Media Industry with a noble mission to make the spoken word available to everybody through customisable speech to text models.

Shaheen Kader – Machine Learning Engineer

For as long as I remember I have always been fascinated by everything that has to do with technology and more specific, computer science with a focus on voice. What I like to do most is offer my expertise to develop services that can make a difference. In working with Scriptix I have found just that. I love the mission of making the spoken word accessible to everybody through highly accurate speech recognition while at the same time making sure there is a strong focus on privacy of data. I get to work with the latest techniques and have a great working relation with the other team members both remote and in person.

Headshot of Casper

Casper Haspels- Advisor

As a seasoned entrepreneur in the software industry I expect to bring valuable experience to the table to further scale the company. I was intrigued by the vision of the founders to improve the quality of speech to text even with smaller data sets and create a better end result in real time. Second, I’m delighted we can contribute to a more inclusive society by offering the means to automate subtitles with higher quality, more timely and more cost effectively. As a member of the advisory board of Scriptix I’m in close contact with the Scriptix management team.