Welcome to the team: Rishikesh Pandit!

This summer, we’ve welcomed Riskikesh Pandit to the Scriptix team. Rishikesh is a talented ASR developer with an impressive scientific background. Read his full introduction below and get to know our team a little bit better.  I am an enthusiastic science researcher and programmer, born and raised in Nashik: the Wine Capital of India, and a […]

Let the customer do the talking: NH Media

How NH Media generates subtitles using the Scriptix speech to text API. This year NH Media decided to continue working with Scriptix. A good moment to check how they apply our speech recognition and how they benefit from using it. We asked Online Editor Nick van Duin and Media Technician Wiljan Hobbelink a couple of […]

Scriptix @NRC Media

De Dutch newspaper NRC published an article about how City of The Hague leverages the joint solution from Scriptix and Arbor Media to automatically subtitle municipality meetings, using a customized speech to text model, to make them better accessible. Daniel Scheper, city councillor for D66, explains in the article why it was important for him to move the municipality in this direction. Download the […]

Digital Accessibility act: new requirement

As of today it’s official, government agencies in The Netherlands – and other European countries – are obligated to apply WCAG 2.1 to all their websites. For all these government agencies this means that their websites have to be better digitally accessible for people with disabilities. Our solution Arbor Media and Scriptix have developed a […]