Cloud and privacy

 Do we keep your data safe? 

At Scriptix we make the strategic choice to run our services completely cloud based. Our entire API-platform lives in Azure cloud. There are various reasons we choose to do so, and at the same time we frequently get asked the question if we can also offer our services on premises. Moreover, from time to time we hear customers have second thoughts when it comes to cloud. Customers fear their data isn’t protected well enough. So, allow me to explain how we make sure our customers have nothing to fear when it comes to protection of their data when working with Scriptix. 

SSL Connection & Encryption 

First and foremost, clients connect with us through a SSL Connection. Once customers connect to our API and start processing content, we apply disk encryption while in transit to ensure their privacy. These two security measures are basically all we need to make sure our clients data is safe. After all we do not store anything we do not need, which is exactly what sets us apart. Moreover, our infrastructure only runs on Azure cloud in Western-Europe, meaning we adhere to all GDPR regulations and European standards when it comes to privacy.  

No storage of data we don’t need 

As I mentioned above, we do not store any data we do not need. We believe customer data is safest with us when we do not store it. We only keep it for a short while when processing the content, afterwards we immediately delete the original file. Moreover, when using our real-time API’s, we do not record these real-time sessions. Our aim is to have minimal metadata storage upon removal of the original file. We only keep track of the session start time, the duration and the language that was chosen to process. Based on this information we can generate our invoices, that’s all.  

No training with customer data 

As opposed to other vendors, we do not use customer data to train our models. We make a bigger effort to collect relevant data ourselves from open sources, but it’s worth the effort since it helps us keep customer data private. In case a customer wishes to work out a customized model with us we do need customer data to do so, but in that case, we are authorized.  

Delete your transcripts 

When using our speech to text API’s you can find your transcripts in your personal dashboard. These are available to you of course, after all it’s what you’re using the platform for. However, if at some point you wish to delete your transcripts as well this is possible. From the transcripts section in our portal, customers can simply choose to delete their transcripts, after which practically no information is left on our platform apart from the minimal amount of metadata mentioned above. 

In short, according to us the best way to keep data safe is to store as little of it as possible. Security breaches are always a possibility whether it is at a highly secured Microsoft data center, your personal servers or your phone. We believe we found the best way to live up to the highest standards with providing our customers with a scalable cloud solution for speech recognition, while at the same time we recognize privacy and security are extremely important.  

Want to learn more about how we keep your data safe? Let’s get in touch and send me an email at: [email protected] 

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