Corporate partner revealed: Roularta Media Group

In July we received confirmation that Scriptix would proceed to the Develop phase of the STADIEM program. After an exciting and intense Matchmaking phase where 40 scale-ups participated to find a corporate partner for the Develop phase, Scriptix filed its proposed project to the STADIEM board and got selected as one out of 16 scale-ups.

In the next six months Scriptix will work closely with its corporate partner Roularta Media Group to bring two language models to market. We will update our current Flemish model and additionally develop a French Belgian model. Moreover, we will develop an unique feature that enables users to perform updates on language models themselves, effectively bringing the end user in control of custom speech to text models.

“We are very excited to partner with Scriptix during the Develop Phase of the STADIEM programme. At Roularta we are always looking for innovative solutions that enable us to work more efficient. We already use transcription services to reduce time spent when creating transcripts and subtitles, but we also see there is room for improvement when it comes to smaller language area’s such as Flemish and Belgian French. We have had extensive talks with Scriptix prior to the STADIEM programme and are confident the proposed customization approach can yield the best results for Roularta. Moreover, being able to train the models ourselves at a later stage will enable us to keep the speech recognition models up-to-date continuously.” Says Erwin Danis, Innovation Director at Roularta Media Group.

Scriptix team has started laying the groundwork for the project in August and development is on track. Frans Olsthoorn, CEO at Scriptix: “We are proud that a big player such as Roularta Media Group is willing to invest their time in this joint project. Training speech-to-text algorithms requires large amounts of data which is exactly what Roularta can bring to the table. Together with our in-house knowledge of speech recognition development we will make sure to bring state-of-the-art language models to the Belgian market.”

Scriptix and Roularta Media Group will work on the project from September 2022 to February 2023 and will make sure to keep you updated on progress throughout the phase!