Digital Accessibility act: new requirement

As of today it’s official, government agencies in The Netherlands – and other European countries – are obligated to apply WCAG 2.1 to all their websites. For all these government agencies this means that their websites have to be better digitally accessible for people with disabilities.

Our solution

Arbor Media and Scriptix have developed a joint solution to automatically subtitle municipality meetings. Arbor Media specializes in streaming and storing of these meetings, and based on A.I. Scriptix has developed a political speech to text model. With this customized speech recognition model, the meetings from municipalities can be subtitled automatically and with a high accuracy. It goes without saying that converting speech into text correctly is paramount, when it comes to political jargon and names of councilors. That´s why generic solutions do not suffice and municipalities turn to the joint solution Arbor Media and Scriptix have to offer. Thanks to the vast amount of data Arbor Media can provide, Scriptix has been able to built a language model that is completely focused on Dutch politics. With every municipality that leverages this joint solution, the speech to text model is improved further and therefore reaches a much higher accuracy than other vendors in the market even outperforming tech giants such as Google, IBM and Microsoft.

Get started with adding subtitles to your content

Government agencies produce an increasing amount of audio- and video content which is published on their websites. Whether it’s webinars, congresses or municipality meetings, all this content has to be made better digitally accessible for people suffering from hearing loss. For now, the obligation is to subtitle VOD, not live streams. The joint solution Arbor Media and Scriptix offer does just that.

Would you like to get started with leveraging our joint solution? Or would you like to receive additional information? Please reach out through email or contactform.

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