Enrich your product
with Scriptix speech recognition

Our easy-to-integrate API-platform allows you to harness the power of highly accurate speech recognition models in 13 languages. Our API- platform is ideal for large broadcasters, call centers, system integrators and streaming providers. Integrate our platform seamlessly into workflows already in place and automatically add subtitles to your content. Or add Scriptix speech to text results to your content archive to make it searchable on word level thanks to time stamps added to each word.

Frans explaining new speech to text feature to Rick and Monika

Key features

Cloud or Hosted

You can use the Scriptix platform as a cloud or hosted service.

Quick processing

Our scalable API-platform allows you to process thousands of hours in a heartbeat.

Cost effective

We develop our models ourselves and as such offer competitive pricing.


Our API-platform can be integrated in existing workflows in half a day.

Scriptix Enterprise: how does it work?

Get in touch

For our enterprise customers every use case is different. As such we tailor our enterprise plans to their use cases and wishes. Depending on volumes we determine the right price point always striving to be as competitive as possible while not making concessions on quality.

Integrate API-platform

On average it takes one developer no more than half a day to integrate our API-platform into existing workflows already in place. Enrich existing products by adding Scriptix speech recognition to your product and add value for your customers. Cloud is not an option? No problem, we offer our platform hosted as well.

Example of the API integration

Process content

All done integrating Scriptix API’s? Then start processing all the content you want either in batch, real-time or both, it is up to you. Our platform scales automatically and can handle any load you have to offer. Our Cloud platform runs in Northwestern Europe on Azure and by default we do not store anything you process with us, meaning your data is safe with us.

Used by large broadcaters, streaming providers, call centers and system integrators