Feature update: Danish & Finnish improvements

In the past couple of months our engineers have been hard at work updating our Danish and Finnish language models. Scriptix has been keeping busy in the Scandinavian countries, partnering up with such brands as TV2 Norway, Quickchannel, SVT and Screen9. It only made sense to make sure all our Scandinavian language models were on the up and up.

Both our Finnish and Danish language models can now reach 95%+ accuracy levels on clear speech making them very useful for the task of generating automated subtitles to make videos better digitally accessible.

Anybody can use these updated models as they are part of our generic offering. Further improvements can be made still when we train on customer-specific data, due to Schrems-II and GDPR-regulations however, we do not do so by default. If you need more information on customization of language models based on your data, get in touch via [email protected]!