From now on Zoom Media is called Scriptix!

From this day forth Zoom Media is called Scriptix. We would like to share with you why we choose to change our name. Since last year we’ve already been busy reorganizing our company to reposition ourselves within the speech recognition market. 

In the past we focussed mainly on companies to whom our generic models were sufficient to make their content better searchable. From now on however, Scriptix will be the go-to partner to deliver custom speech recognition models.  

In the various talks we had with customers and partners we noticed that there is an increasing demand for a customization partner. Generic models get better and better, but the devil is in the detail. Making a difference now comes down to taking the time for your customers and partners to retrain your generic models with content specific to their use case. 

The big change here in other words, is that we went from being a generic speech to text supplier to a customization partner. This separates us of from other vendors in the market and we thought it time to emphasize this change in our company name and move forward as Scriptix.  

We focus on all aspects of turning audio into text and while doing so we always take the time to listen to our partners in order to optimize our services as much as possible and make them fit their needs best.  

To be able to serve our partners even better in the future, we’ve raised series A funding to achieve our goals quicker and better. We’ve already expanded our team and as far as we’re concerned the sky is the limit! 

Do you have any questions related to this message or are you curious whether we can help you out with your specific use case? Send us a reply and we would love to discuss during a (digital) meeting! 

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