News update april: Scriptix grows & product feature

Shaheen joins the team!

We have a new addition to our Tech & Development team with Shaheen Kader! Shaheen will take up the role of Machine Learning Engineer at Scriptix making sure our customers get to work with the best performing speech recognition models on the market, as well as making sure Scriptix stays ahead of the curve in the fast-evolving market that is speech recognition. Shaheen: “I am happy to join Scriptix as Machine Learning Engineer and feel I have the right knowledge to bring to the table. I have always been interested in everything voice and at Scriptix I get to work with the latest techniques at a fast-growing scale-up. I feel Scriptix has obtained a good position in todays speech recognition market with a strong focus on privacy and customization for its customers and partners.

Product feature

At Scriptix we are constantly working on improving our product offering, making sure we can cater to all our customer’s needs. In Q1 Scriptix released a new product called Script Sync as MVP. Script Sync enables the user to process an audio file and a perfect transcript. What it does is sync the perfect transcript with the audio, so it aligns the audio perfectly with the text. This means users who have a perfect transcript can use that to create perfect subtitles because Script Sync takes away the hassle of having to manually add time codes to the text, one of the most time-consuming tasks when creating subtitles. And since there is a perfect transcript available, there is no need to make corrections to the output as is normally the case with automatically generated subtitles.

Would you like to know more about Script Sync and how to use it? Get in touch, send an email to [email protected]!