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Speech-to-text software has a wide variety of applications, and the list continues to grow all the time. The media industry, government, healthcare, telco and journalism are industries that are already familiar with the benefits of speech to text. Check our industry page for in depth case studies.

With ever growing improvements in natural language understanding and speech accuracy rates, the technology (improvements in machine learning, big data, cloud processing and artificial intelligence) has led to a growing demand. Speech-to-text is just the beginning – integrating it into your workflows and systems leads to accurate indexing, analysis, keyword detection, and better overall management of your voice data at an unparalleled speed. Our speech to text models are used in several industries and for various use cases. Check out the different industries below. Do you have a different use case? Contact us and we will set up a call to explore the possibilities.

Media & Entertainment

ABS-CBN, the largest broadcaster in the Philippines leverages Scriptix speech-to-text to automatically create closed captions. Together with our partner Microsoft we developed a Filipino language model from scratch, completely made from ABS-CBN data. This model now greatly outperforms a generic model that Google has to offer and has helped ABS-CBN in automating their closed caption workflow.

Logo of Omroep West

As a regional broadcaster, providing 24/7 Online, Radio and Television channels, Omroep West needs to enable all its journalists to produce content for all channels. We use the Scriptix speech to text service (using their API) to interface directly to our Incite editing system. This provides journalists the ability to instantly and automatically subtitle our content, make small corrections when needed, and publish the content in different formats, with and/or without subtitling, for various channels. The Scriptix speech to text service also provides the base for our teletext service to the hearing-impaired. Our Scriptix partnership has allowed us to benefit from increased production efficiency and content consumption, and we look forward to exploring its new possibilities.


Our partner Arbor Media specializes in (live) streaming and webcasting solutions with a strong focus on government. Due to new legislation with regards to digital accessibility Scriptix developed a custom speech-to-text model for politics which has been integrated into the Arbor Media product ConnectedViews and is being used by various municipalities such as the cities of The Hague and Utrecht.

We are specialists in the field of livestreams of large organizations and public institutions. For example, we provide on demand streaming services for municipality meetings. The Scriptix speech to text service helps us in the process of making this content digitally accessible for people suffering from hearing loss. In part triggered by legislation, many organizations are now dealing with digital accessibility and thanks to this partnership we are now able to support them in this area.


There are many possible use cases in telecommunications, a sector with huge volumes of content to index for training purposes, quality control and compliance. It is important that speech recognition models work well for the various customers that telco’s run operations for. In other words, training on specific terminology like brands, product names and recurring questions from customers help generate the best possible output. Apart from accuracy, privacy is very important for Telco’s, which is why at Scriptix we do not store any data but delete everything after processing. Moreover, it is also possible to use our real-time engines on premises. Turn all your calls into text and use analytics tools like our partner GeniusVoice has to offer to improve your training of personnel and retain a high-quality standard.

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As a privacy-friendly alternative to mainstream voicebots it is important to be sure that speech data is handled in a correct manner. We use the real-time Scriptix speech-to-text in order to provide users with visual feedback of what the bot thinks they’re saying. It means that users get instant feedback on their input, which improves the user experience. This is only possible because Scriptix’ technology is one of the fastest performing solutions available in the market. The accuracy of their out-of-the-box model is one of the best in the market. Scriptix is an invaluable partner in our quest to build the next-generation conversational AI.

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The Future of Voice Recognition

Voice recognition and artificial intelligence behind it are only going to get more sophisticated moving forward. The industry is already saturated with hundreds (if not thousands) of companies experimenting with integrating speech-to-text in their workflow or products. Don’t stay behind, schedule a call and let’s explore the possibilities for your business!