Introducing Thijmen Gussekloo

In June, we’ve welcomed a new colleague at Scriptix. Thijmen Gussekloo is an experienced account manager in the tech sector. His many years of experience in the market gave him the know-how about what tech companies need and how Scriptix could help them. Thijmen will introduce himself briefly below. Do you want to get in touch right away? Please send him a message.

Thijmen Gussekloo

The past eight years I’ve worked in the tech sector in different positions, but in all positions my focus was on relationship management. I started out as an account manager, but eventually specialized in information management. Many of my clients were looking for solutions that could help them index and back-up their growing amount of audio and video files. I was unable to find a solution that could match their needs until I came across Scriptix. I see a lot of potential in our speech to text service, because many organizations are still struggling with making their content searchable.


From the first meeting on I felt a positive connection with the Scriptix founders. They’re young and highly motivated entrepreneurs with the drive necessary to make Scriptix successful. Even though I had to give up a stable job amidst the corona crisis, I felt that this was the right move for me.

Within the Scriptix team, I’m in charge of all clients and partners in the Benelux and the Nordics. Every company that’s creating or collecting audio and/or video content can leverage our service to index its content and make it searchable. Other, more specific, use cases are also possible. One could think of creating subtitles for a media organization, or searchable online courses for educational institutions.

In the years to come, my goal will be to help Scriptix grow and make companies aware of the possibilities that our services have to offer. From our office in The Hague, we can reach the whole world and I for one am very much looking forward to it!

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