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How NH Media generates subtitles using Scriptix speech to text

This year NH Media decided to continue working with Scriptix. A good moment to check how they apply our speech recognition and how they benefit from using it. We asked Online Editor Nick van Duin and Media Technician Wiljan Hobbelink a couple of questions about how they experience working with Scriptix.

NH Media currently uses Scriptix speech to text to provide online videos with subtitles. Now why is it so important to add subtitles to (online) content? Nick: “We see that, especially on social media, video’s more often than that are watched without sound. We need to make it as easy as possible for our audience to watch a video. So having our viewers switch on the sound first, then rewind the video and watch the same part again really isn’t an option. Subtitles solve this problem. People stay tuned in more easily and as a result absorb content quicker. This greatly enhances our influence and range.” Wiljan adds: “To us, subtitling is very important, because it makes content better accessible to people suffering from hearing loss. It enables everybody to keep track of our content.”

Adding automated subtitles is a huge time saver for NH Media. Consequently, it enables NH Media to produce more content. Nick: “Thanks to Scriptix, not only do I work more efficiently, but it also enables us to produce much more online content than before. The average time spent on editing a video has been reduced by two thirds, for us that means we can produce three times as much content.”

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