Let the customer do the talking: Podcast Creator

Scriptix Speech Recognition can be used for a wide variety of use cases. In our monthly newsletter we like to give the stage to one of our valued customers in the section Let the customer do the talking. This time around we would like to introduce Ferry Molenaar from Podcast Creator.

Can you give a short introduction about yourself and your role at Podcast creator?

My name is Ferry Molenaar, and I am the founder of Podcast Creator. My goal is to transform stories into complete audio experiences for other businesses so they can engage with their customers. For example, I try not only to record and edit a conversation to turn it into a podcast format, I also add natural sounds so listeners can easily imagine the situation in which the conversation took place.

How do you currently apply Speech Recognition within Podcast creator?

I currently apply Scriptix Speech Recognition for three reasons. First, I use the service to transcribe raw audio files. This process helps me get through the first edits of unfamiliar content. Second, I use Scriptix to transcribe the final version of the podcast. This can be used by end users who aren’t able to hear what is being said for example because they are deaf or hard of hearing. Finally, transcribing podcasts helps with indexing on Google and improve ranking. So, it is also a great tool for SEO optimization.

What benefits does the integration with Scriptix have for Podcast Creator?

Using Scriptix saves me a lot of valuable time while editing or transcribing the podcast after the final edit has been finished.

Why is it important for Podcast creator to transcription to its product?

It is important to me that everybody can enjoy the story within an audio podcast. For example, if you have hearing problems, you can still enjoy the contents of my podcasts. I am blind myself and regularly struggle with video’s I can’t watch. My wish is for my listeners not having to go through the hassle of making content accessible. I hope that one day every bit of audio is getting transcribed. A better world starts with me.

What is it like to work with Scriptix, a company specializing in Speech Recognition services?

It is a very quick and easy to use service. The transcriptions are good to work with and it saves me a lot of time. When I have a question, the support team gets back to me very quickly with a helpful answer. My experience with Scriptix is that the people behind the company are always looking for solutions and to make things better.

What plans do you have for the future looking at your collaboration with Scriptix?

For now, I am happy with transcribing my audio, but who knows what the feature will bring.