Let the customer do the talking: Scribit.pro

There are many possible use cases for speech to text out there, which is why we like to put our valued customers and partners in the spotlight with our monthly segment “Let the customer do the talking”! This time around we give the mic to Eveline Ferwerda, founder of Scribit.Pro. With her platform Scribit.Pro, Eveline aims to provide accessibility to videos for those with an audio or visual disability. Clients can create or order captions/subtitles, audio description, transcripts and even order a sign language translation for any online video.

Could you give an introduction about yourself and Scribit.Pro?

“My name is Eveline Ferwerda and I am the founder of Scribit.Pro. Countless people in the Netherlands alone depend on subtitles to understand a video the way its creator(s) intended, and more still needing the aid of audio description to know what is happening on screen. So, there is a great potential which you can easily serve when you provide them with the proper supportive files.”

How do you currently apply Speech Recognition at Scribit.Pro?

“Videos that are uploaded and edited in Scribit.Pro’s software can optionally benefit from the integration with Scriptix. The video’s audio track is sent to Scriptix’ Speech Recognition software and produces a fully automated subtitle track. This track forms the basis to be manually edited in Scribit.Pro software. It’s a real time saver,” says Eveline.

According to Eveline it is known that creating good captions is a time-consuming task. Speech-to-Text technology can help creators produce captions more efficiently.  

Why is it important for Scribit.Pro to add subtitles to its product offering?

Eveline: “Scribit.Pro is a one-stop-shop for video accessibility. We offer the tools to create every supporting file needed to meet WCAG including a subtitle/caption editor. Providing videos with captions is a necessity, not only for people with a hearing disability, but also from a marketing point of view. You simply miss-out on your investment in a video production if you don’t add captions. 85% of videos are watched with the sound turned off, so the message you want to bring across sticks much better when it is heard and read together.”

What is it like to work with Scriptix and what are your plans?

“When we looked for an integration partner, we intensively tested several partners with a similar offer and business proposition. Scriptix’ proved the best candidate with high quality output combined with a good business proposition. Scriptix’ developers are competent and flexible. Like Scribit.Pro, Scriptix has a recognisable eagerness to grow in this market both domestically and internationally. Our focus is intertwined, we both like to add value to the media publishing industry and increase accessibility for consumers. With both our headquarters in The Hague it’s easy to collaborate and explore mutual opportunities,” says Eveline.