Let the customer do the talking: You Film We Edit

Scriptix speech recognition services can be used for a variety of use cases. In our monthly newsletter we like to give the floor to one of our valued customers in the section: “Let the customer do the talking”. This time we would like to introduce Yuri Yabi Blaak, owner of You Film We Edit.

Yuri is a videographer, video editor, and sound engineer who has worn a wide variety of hats in the creative realm. A few years ago, he started You Film We Edit, a video editing agency that helps brands that need a lot of videos but do not have an in-house marketing team. With their network of videographers, producers, animators, voice-over actors, copywriters, animators, and colourists, You Film We Edit always knows how to assemble the right team for a project’s needs. Yuri: “Since the pandemic, the demand for video editing has increased significantly, so I have been busy expanding our network of creative freelancers and improving our processes so we can enable more companies to make better video content.”

How do you currently apply Speech Recognition at You Film We Edit?

Speech Recognition helps us to deliver subtitles to our clients, quickly and easily. Transcription can be a time-consuming process; Speech Recognition is a great starting point.

What benefits does the integration with Scriptix have for You Film We Edit?

Subtitles are essential for social media videos and Scriptix has made it possible for us to offer subtitles to our clients at a much lower cost. This ultimately means that their videos are getting more engagement and converting better. Video’s that convert well, make us look good!

Why is it important for You Film We Edit to add subtitles to its product offering?

Subtitles can have a big effect on how successful videos are. Not only does it make content available to other languages, but it also caters to those who cannot hear, as well as a large majority of people, who are viewing social content on their phones, with the sound turned off.

What is it like to work with Scriptix, a company specializing in Speech Recognition services?

Scriptix has been extremely receptive to feedback and open to new ideas since they first contacted me for a demo. They are highly driven to improve their product and that is a valuable trait to have in the media landscape.

What plans do you have for the future looking at your collaboration with Scriptix?

As our company grows, we will scale up our Scriptix subscription to accommodate for more team members, more videos and more runtime.