API solutions for speech to text

At Scriptix we turn the spoken word into text. We help you index your audio content, the results of which you can use to gain valuable insights, safe time or add more value to your products. Anyone can integrate our API’s in their existing workflows.


Archive indexing

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The amount of content that’s being produced by the Media & Entertainment sector increases on a daily basis. To keep track of all that content or make it better accessible for their audiences, media companies turn to Scriptix. BNR uses our speech to text to offer personalized radio to their listeners and AT5/NH automatically subtitles their online videos to increase their reach.


Digital accessibility
Keyword extraction
Debate transcription

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In politics the need for improved digital accessibility is a hot topic. In many countries political bodies are obligated to offer subtitles to their live debates. Together with our partner Arbor Media we built a language model for Politics which greatly improved accuracy and upon integration of our API enabled Arbor Media to offer subtitles to the VOD and Live streams of the various city councils they service.


Making lectures searchable
Lecture transcription
Accesible online lectures and webinars.

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It can be quite a stretch for students to stay focused during class, luckily universities use Scriptix speech to text to transcribe lectures and make them better accessible to their students. Thanks to having each and every word of a lecture timestamped in milliseconds, all those hours of lectures become searchable.

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