Chatbots have become an essential part of every company website. They allow users to get immediate answers to important questions. They make businesses seem more personal, friendly, and helpful. And they’ve even been proven to increase the likelihood of closing a sale. But chatbots are only the beginning. The future lies in voice.

Today, more businesses than ever are realizing the power of voicebots. Like chatbots, voicebots allow website visitors to interact with a virtual assistant that understands their questions and can deliver relevant answers. But voicebots go above and beyond. They take advantage of the latest Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence technologies to interpret spoken language and provide answers via text or digitized speech. Voicebots make it possible for businesses to communicate their brand and personality in exciting and compelling ways. Plus, they boost communication speed, increase productivity and efficiency, and offer a more streamlined user experience.

Voicebots aren’t everywhere yet. But they will be. So, if you’re a business owner, it only makes sense to get started with enhancing your customer experience right now. This is one way to quickly and easily stand apart from the competition.

Man interacting with a virtual assistant on his laptop

As we’ve already noted, voicebots are similar in many ways to chatbots. They’re a kind of virtual assistant that uses conversational artificial intelligence to understand, interpret, analyze, and respond to questions and requests. While the technology behind voicebots has been around for several decades, they’ve only gained popularity recently. Today, there are several big name voice-enabled virtual assistants, including Siri and Alexa.

But the possibilities of voicebots aren’t limited to cell phones, tablets, and other similar devices. More and more businesses are realizing that voicebots can boost their website’s UX and accessibility, as well as their overall brand identity. Before we look at the nuts and bolts of how voicebots work, let’s take a moment to review five of the most important ways this technology can help your company’s website.

As we’ve already noted, voicebots offer a lot of valuable benefits for your customers and clients. If you choose to implement one on your company’s website, you’ll discover that they do all of the following and more…

  1. Simplifies navigation

    Voicebots make it possible for your website’s visitors to find what they’re looking for easier and faster. Rather than browsing through menus or typing out searches, your clients can simply speak to your site’s voicebot and it will do the rest. It can lead them to specific pages, products, and more, simplifying site navigation dramatically.

    This benefit is particularly helpful if your site has a complicated structure or lots of submenus. But there is another way that voicebots can help with navigation. They make it possible for anyone suffering from blindness or vision impairment to easily move through your site without outside help.

    To put it simply, voicebots have the potential to utterly transform the way we browse websites. So, doesn’t it make sense to go ahead and begin implementing it today?

  2. Increases communication speed

    Along with making navigation easier, voice bots can also increase communication speed between you and your customers. This is essential, since today’s consumers expect answers immediately. With a voicebot, you can provide your customers with the solutions they need faster and more reliably than ever. Studies have shown that speaking is at least three times faster than typing the same thing. Just think about how much longer it would take to order a meal in a drive-thru if you had to type it out instead of simply saying it. Now, you can offer your customers that same level of convenience on your company’s website. And since the most advanced voicebots are equipped with real-time processing capabilities, they will begin analyzing your customers’ speech as it’s coming in. This makes it possible for them to provide a response almost instantly, reducing wait times and unnatural pauses. This is what makes it seem as if your customers are speaking to an actual human being instead of an AI.

  3. Enhances user experience

    Voicebots don’t just enhance site navigation or increase communication speed, though. They have the ability to boost overall user experience. Rather than randomly clicking links and hoping they stumble on the right page of your site, your customers will feel like they’re being personally guided by a knowledgeable friend when they take advantage of your voicebot. And when they have a question or concern that’s above the bots paygrade, it can hand them off to a human customer service representative. This way, your customers can get the best of both worlds. Whether you want to offer your target audience an easy way to navigate your site, the ability to get live answers to their questions, or all of the above, voicebots can help.

  4. Increases customer service capabilities

    Voicebots massively increase your business’s customer service capabilities. Even if you can’t afford an entire team of human agents, your customers will feel like you have one. They’ll be able to get the answers they need, faster than ever. And since voicebots don’t require a human operator, your customers can enjoy this enhanced customer service process 24/7 (and at no additional cost to you).

    Recent studies have suggested that voicebots could save you money in the long run. It’s estimated that 90% of customer service inquiries will be able to be handled by voicebots within the next several years. For any inquiries that go beyond a voicebot’s capabilities, it can be trained to pass calls along to human agents. Your customer service will never be the same once you implement a voicebot into your website.

A man who happily used a voice bot

Voicebots take advantage of the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing technology to give users the ability to interact with your site directly. You can include a voice search pop-up at the bottom of your site. When a user wants to interact with the voicebot, all they’ll have to do is click on that pop-up and speak into their computer’s microphone. Depending on the capabilities you’ve chosen for your voicebot, they can search for specific keywords, ask questions, and more – without having to type a single word.

GeniusVoice, one of the pioneers of the technology, has partnered with Scriptix to create full-featured voicebots that streamline the whole customer service process. When a user speaks into their microphone, Scriptix’s speech to text technology will convert that spoken word into typed text. Then, GeniusVoice’s voicebot will find the information that the user needs and return it to the user. All of this happens instantaneously thanks to Scriptix’s API. So, users can speak to the GeniusVoice voicebot and feel as though they’re interacting with a live human being instead of an artificial intelligence.

With Scriptix and VoiceGenius, the future of customer service is already here.

Don’t you think it’s time to boost your customer service capabilities? Your customers will thank you.

Voicebots use the latest advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to give website visitors the ability to ask questions and get immediate answers without having to type a single word.

While voicebots and chatbots are similar, they are not the same thing. Chatbots require website visitors to type any questions or searches they have into a chatbox. Voicebots, on the other hand, can be operated completely via voice. This provides a faster, more streamlined way for users to interact with and navigate a website.

Voicebots can vastly improve a site’s navigation capabilities by serving up particular pages in response to user questions and requests. Rather than searching through complicated menus or conducting manual searches, visitors can discover exactly what they’re looking for with a simple spoken question.

Yes! Voicebots have the power to enhance customer service in incredible ways. They allow users to interact naturally with your site 24/7, getting the answers they need immediately. And if a voicebot is unable to answer a specific question, it can be programmed to pass a user along to a human customer service representative so every issue is resolved quickly and effectively.

Voicebots take advantage of Scriptix’s speech to text technology by converting a user’s spoken words into typed text. Then, VoiceGenius’s voicebots can use that text to conduct searches, serve up specific pages, and more. And since the two technologies work seamlessly together, everything will happen instantaneously, giving users the illusion that they’re speaking to an actual human being.