Save time
with speech to text

Our speech recognition platform allows you to minimize the time needed to create subtitles for online content or transcription of interviews. Does your team work on projects that involve video or interviews, are you a regional broadcaster or does your team produce podcasts? Then the Team Plan is what you have been looking for! Let our speech recognition models do the heavy lifting and leave your team with more time to be creative. Turn all audio into text automatically, share with your colleagues and use our editors to quickly edit output our speech to text models generate.

Scriptix team at the park

Key features

Time effective

Create subtitles or transcripts within minutes instead of days.

Quick editing

Automated results are never perfect, make quick corrections.

Share results

Add additional team members to your account and share results

Easy search

Search through your content, locate quotes and keywords.

The Scriptix Team plan: how does it work?

Transcribing and subtitling within the platform

Upload File

Upload your file, select the language of your file and set the slide to ‘Transcription’ or ‘Subtitling’. Give our models a few moments to process your file and then find the results in the overview. Click on the file name to go to your file and start editing the output.

Subtitle and Transcript Editors

Based on your choice for Transcription or Subtitling you will be redirected to the right editor to start making the automatically generated output perfect. Make changes to the text and save the perfect transcript or subtitle.

Integrate API and share results

Looking to automate the process with Scriptix speech recognition? We got you covered. With the Team Plan you get access to our easy-to-integrate API-platform which you can use to automate all the steps as described above. Integrate our system in your workflow, let our platform do the heavy lifting and save your team time to spend on more creative tasks.

Used by marketing agencies, regional broadcasters and podcast producers