Welcome to the team: Rishikesh Pandit!

This summer, we’ve welcomed Riskikesh Pandit to the Scriptix team. Rishikesh is a talented ASR developer with an impressive scientific background. Read his full introduction below and get to know our team a little bit better. 

I am an enthusiastic science researcher and programmer, born and raised in Nashik: the Wine Capital of India, and a heritage city not so far from scenic mountains of Western Ghats. Ever since I was in high school, I was fascinated by outer-space, the universe and the science that encapsulates its understanding of physics and astronomy. Following my passion, I dived into astrophysics research and moved to Europe to pursue my postgraduate education. In 2014, I completed masters in astrophysics at the University of Bonn in Germany, where I also garnered computational skills and started acquiring expertise in programming and statistical modelling. After obtaining my master’s degree, I worked as a Research Associate for two years in Bonn. I continued my exploration in academic research at the University of Roma Tre in Italy, where I earned a PhD title in March of 2020. As a part of my thesis work, I worked for European Space Agency’s ‘Euclid’ space telescope mission, which is expected to launch in 2022 and is aimed to improve our understanding of the universe. For Euclid, I programmed a software pipeline to construct simulated dataset containing about 1.3 billion galaxies, which will eventually contribute to generating petabytes of information about the visible universe. I also used my expertise in coding to optimise and fine-tune the pipeline performance to efficiently process and output such futuristic large datasets. 


After obtaining the PhD title, I realised that my passions and interests are not limited to one specific topic but overall science that is fundamentally driven by mathematics and statistics. I’ve always enjoyed problem-solving using computers. At this step, I felt that it is important to learn Machine Learning (ML) and started training myself in that direction. Also, I was very motivated to work for start-up firms and young industries that use state-of-the-art ML techniques and are determined to shape the future of our world. Owing to my strong inclination towards language understanding and human-computer interaction, I specifically searched for jobs in the field of Natural Language Processing. As I further studied this topic in-depth, I found Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) very intriguing and closer to my interests.

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