What to expect in Q1?

At Scriptix we have a very exciting year in front of us, with many technical updates, new partnerships a rapidly expanding team loads of events to attend and much more. Let’s get you up to speed on what to expect, starting with Q1 of 2020.

Scriptix for small content producers

As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Scriptix is live on Microsoft Azure Marketplace since June 2019. We see an increasing demand for speech to text services around the world. Having attracted customers from around the globe, we now service 300 customers directly through this channel in 60 countries! The offer is especially useful for businesses leveraging Azure cloud services and processing tons of content for corporate app development for example. Now it’s time to help out smaller content producers as well, directly from our own Scriptix Store.

In March of Q1 we will launch our own Scriptix Store, opening up the possibility for “small” content producers to increase digital accessibility by using our high accuracy speech recognition models to create automatic subtitles for their content or to subtitle events live on screen. We will offer monthly fixed fee bundles ranging from 2 up to 8 hours per month of content processing. Customers will be able to purchase the bundles using iDeal, credit card or Apple pay. 

Partner integrations lift off

By the end of 2019, Scriptix closed two partnerships with Arbor Media and M&I Broadcast Services. In Q1 of 2020, these partnerships will come into fruition when both Arbor Media and M&I Broadcast Services launch their new products each containing Scriptix speech to text

Arbor Media

Together with Arbor Media, we will help Dutch city councils to improve their digital accessibility by subtitling their live streams in real-time. Scriptix developed a custom Dutch political model for this specific use case. In doing so, specific terminology such as legislation, names of politicians and their respective parties are recognized much more accurately than would be the case when using our standard Dutch model. Two major Dutch city councils will kick off using this service during a pilot in Q1.

M&I Broadcast Services

M&I Broadcast Services delivers software solutions for the broadcast industry in the broadest sense. M&I will integrate Scriptix speech to text in Omniplayer 3, their radio playout software solution. In the course of Q1 Scriptix speech to text will serve as the basis for Omniplayer’ Text-based audio editing. Radio editors can turn their material into text in real-time, after which the audio and the associated written text are fully linked, with the selected text immediately visible on the audio track and vice versa. The intuitive user interface Omniplayer offers makes it very simple to mark parts of text to use, as well as marking the text corresponding with a selected section of audio.

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