Speech to text models
built by you.

Cloud based speech to text service. Process in real-time or batch mode. We customize our models to generate the best results for your content. 

Turning voice data into text for accessibility, discovery and analysis. Our mission is to make the spoken word accessible to everybody using speech-to-text. With our speech recognition platform, you can turn any audio file into text. The generated text output can then be used to improve digital accessibility by adding subtitles to videos. We see that digital accessibility and greater inclusion is becoming ‘the new standard’ worldwide. For example, as described in the EU Directive 2016/2102, governments must take measures to ensure that everyone has equal access to information. In other parts of the world, we see this trend as well, both required by official rules and coming from inclusive organisations that are driven to make their content accessible to everyone. Do you want to know more about the technology behind speech-to-text?

Frans explaining new speech to text feature to Rick and Monika

Customized speech to text models, that work for you. Available in 13 languages but also on demand. Do you need a specific language model that is not yet supported? Contact us! We can build any language!

Frans and Rick discussing new Scriptix features

A speech-to-text solution for everyone

Speech-to-text software already has a wide variety of possible applications, and the list is getting bigger all the time . The Media industry, Governments, healthcare, telco and journalism are industries that are already familiar with the benefits of speech-to-text. Check our industry page for in depth case studies.
Everybody can use our speech recognition platform, from single users to enterprises. Whether you are looking to process small amounts of content to subtitle video’s or looking to process multiple channels daily, we have a plan ready to fit your needs.


For journalists, students, researchers, content creators
€ 25,- per month
  • 5 hours p.m.
  • Web application
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Transcript Editor
  • Single user


For marketing, small broadcasters and podcast platforms
€ 99,- per month
  • 24 hours p.m.
  • Web application
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Transcript Editor
  • Multiple users
  • API Access


For streaming platforms, system integrators and call centers
Starts at € 500 p.m.
  • Starts at 10k minutes p.m.
  • Cloud or Hosted
  • API Access
  • Multiple users
  • Subtitle Editor
  • Transcript Editor


For enterprise clients such as broadcasters and system integrators
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Build your own model from scratch hosted exclusively for you based on your industry or sector specific content

Custom made speech-to-text models

At Scriptix we build our speech-to-text models in house, which means we can customize them to better fit specific customer needs. All content is created within a different context with its own related audio and vocabulary. Think of the difference between a debate in politics and a conversation between a doctor and a patient. We’ve already built speech-to-text models for different use cases and industries.

What are the key features?

Create your own workflow

The Scriptix Speech to Text platform was built with the idea to enable customers to optimize their workflows and products with a safe, stable and scalable speech recognition product. We continuously optimize the Scriptix platform based on requests and wishes from our customers. No need for flashy bells and whistles, the Scriptix Speech to Text platform is meant to be functional and easy-to-integrate. As a result, we now offer a platform that can be integrated in less than a day, enabling our customers and partners to automate all the functionalities we have to offer within their own products and workflows.