Let the customer do the talking: Isset Video

Scriptix speech recognition services can be used for a variety of use cases. In our monthly newsletter we like to give the floor to one of our valued customers in the section: “Let the customer do the talking”. This time we would like to introduce Michael Woering, founder and owner of Isset Video.

Can you give a short introduction about yourself and your role at Isset Video?

It all started back in 2004 with some fellow students. And basically, everything changed apart from our main goal: “Supplying our customers with the right tool for the job”. That goal still exists with Isset Video today. As founder and owner of Isset Video, together with my team of experienced developers, we are dedicated to bringing the right tooling to manage and stream video content in a convenient, reliable and secure way. 

How do you currently apply Speech Recognition at Isset Video?

Closed Captions or Subtitling has been a feature nearly since the beginning of Isset Video. As everyone knows, creating a subtitle from a video is a lot of work. That is where Scriptix comes in. With a single click a customer’s video is send to the Scriptix engine and moments later their subtitle is available. 

What benefits does the integration with Scriptix have for Isset Video?

Why do it yourself if someone can do it better and faster? Having the automated speech-to-text feature within our platform is the right tool for the job for our customers. 

Why is it important for Isset Video to add subtitles to its product offering?

We have developed some great features at Isset Video where we stand out from our competitors. But what is the use of those unique selling points if other key features are missing? Having the right options for subtitling is one of these make-or-break features. 

What is it like to work with Scriptix, a company specializing in Speech Recognition services?

Although we have a video platform that is available throughout the world, we still like to work with local professionals. We tend to think of development as a craft. So, working with the craftsmen of Scriptix and their speech to text solution feels like they are part of the team.

What plans do you have for the future looking at your collaboration with Scriptix?

We have been testing with the real-time speech-to-text options for our livestream service and it will be introduced to our customers this year. And then there is this question we often get from customers: “The automated subtitling feature works quite nice! Do you offer automated translations as well?” Who knows what the future might bring?