STADIEM update: Scriptix proceeds to Develop Phase

In April Scriptix received word that it had been selected for the STADIEM accelerator programme. 175 start-ups across Europe applied for the programme. Of these 175 start-ups 40 were selected to proceed to the Match Phase. From the 40 start-ups that entered the Match Phase, 16 are now selected to continue to the Develop Phase which will run from August 2022 to January 2023. During the Develop Phase start-ups will partner up with corporate partners to co-create and deliver an innovation solution for the media industry.

We are very excited at Scriptix that we have been selected for the Develop Phase. So far, the STADIEM programme has already been a fantastic ride. It took us from Brussels to Bergen to pitch our products and services, we met fantastic start-up colleagues and were given the opportunity to connect with corporates and investors.

We connected with a great corporate partner – which will be revealed end of August – to draft up a project plan which we submitted end of June. The consortium evaluation was twofold, assessing the merits of the project proposal on the one hand and a final pitch on the other hand. Both our project proposal and pitch were very positively received by the evaluators. Scriptix scored an 84.2% for the overall project proposal submitted and an 83.8% for the pitch.

Now it is time to turn our project proposal into reality. The Scriptix development team is already hard at work, and we are confident that within the next 6 months we will deliver a fantastic innovation that will greatly benefit the media industry. Make sure to follow us closely as we will regularly post updates via our newsletter and social channels.