Let the customer do the talking: Quickchannel

Scriptix speech recognition services can be used for a variety of use cases. In our monthly newsletter we like to give the floor to one of our valued customers in the section: “Let the customer do the talking”. This time we would like to introduce Rihards Radzevics, Product Owner at Quickchannel, one of Scriptix’ partners in Sweden.

Quickchannel helps businesses and government organisations to create, manage and deliver high quality, personalised video content for their audiences. As of 1st of January 2022 Quickchannel leverages a political speech recognition model for Swedish that was custom made by Scriptix to better fit their use case.

Rihards: “We currently use Scriptix speech recognition for the Swedish market, specializing in public sector. The best thing about Scriptix is that the transcription engine can be trained to better capture specific names and terminology. That way, it generates much more precise results and consequently saves a lot of time for our customers to revise transcripts and subtitles.”

Why did Quickchannel choose Scriptix as a provider of speech recognitions services?

There are two main reasons, one: Scriptix is based in the European Union and hosts its entire infrastructure on EU cloud provider OVH in France. This solves the privacy issue many organizations have with processing on US-owned cloud providers such as Azure, AWS and GCP because of the recent Schrems-II ruling. Second, Scriptix has trained a model from scratch specifically for our use case resulting in higher accuracy, which is unique in the market, says Rihards.”

What is it like to work with Scriptix? A company specialized in speech recognition services.

Scriptix team responds fast and is open to any new ideas. Moreover, from an integration standpoint, they offer well documented API’s and flexible ways to reach the right results.”

Can you share any future plans you might have regarding your collaboration with Scriptix?

That’s a secret [kidding]. We are looking at how we can train and offer additional engines to serve other markets outside of Sweden.”

Want to more about our partnership with Quickchannel or interested in partnering up with Scriptix yourself? Get in touch, send an email to [email protected].